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    Sleepytime Tips for Babies

     Sleepytime Tips for Babies

     In 24 hours, a newborn baby generally sleeps for 16 to18 hours, and this happens at regular intervals during the day as well as night. And as your child attains 3 months of age, your child’s brain develops and sleep patterns will generally become more predictable with most of the sleep occurring at night with 2 to 4 naps during the day. So while sleeping for such a long time period in a single day, he needs special care in his bed. So to care of your newly born baby at his sleepy time, the baby care designers had designed many soft bedding with special cushions.

    Sleepytime tips for babies includes, making your baby’s cot is a simple and quick everyday task, but remember that how you make it is really important. Make sure your baby’s head remains uncovered during sleep and also you have to not put your baby on a water bed or bean bag. Also, you have to put your baby on the back to sleep on a clean, firm, well-fitting mattress. The position of your baby’s feet should be positioned at the bottom of the cot.

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